Research Areas


Thrust I: Space Systems Engineering:

Ongoing projects:

  • Space Logistics Analysis and Incentive Design for Commercialization of Orbital Debris Remediation
    • Role: Lead PI
    • Source: NASA

Past projects:

Space Logistics

Space logistics brings operations research principles to space mission planning and system design. We develop logistics-based models to address emerging challenges of space infrastructure design, deployment, and operations for campaign-level space mission planning. Our lab focuses on space logistics methodology research to establish theoretical foundations of a sustainable space transportation system for cislunar space exploration and beyond.

Related Works:

Space Resource Utilization

This research direction explores how to utilize exoplanet resources (e.g., lunar regolith and Martian atmosphere) to significantly reduce the cost of space travel and improve mission sustainability, with a goal of eventually breaking the dependence on Earth’s supply chain logistics.

Related Works:

On-Orbit Servicing

Enabling technologies for on-orbit servicing have been developed to refuel, repair, manipulate, and assemble new satellites or space vehicles in orbit. While little has been addressed at the detailed material flow level which is a key step to transit on-orbit servicing from concept and experiment to reality. Our lab focuses on methodology development and its application evaluation from the material flow level for on-orbit servicing leveraging our specialties in space logistics and space system engineering. This is a challenging problem because of the complex interactions among transportation elements (i.e., launcher, servicer, storage depot, client satellites, etc.), the constraints (i.e., trajectories, budget, time windows, resources, etc.), and supply chain management (i.e., maintenance spares, components, propellant, and material flow monitoring).

Related Works:

Thrust II: Complex Systems:

Ongoing projects:

  • ERI: Representations of Complex Engineering Systems via Technology Recursion and Renormalization Group
    • Role: sole PI
    • Source: NSF